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  • 18th January 2020

Holy Holy featuring Woody Woodmansey & Tony Visconti

Holy Holy are heading to the Bonus Arena, Hull on 18th January 2020 for the 50th anniversary celebration of ‘The Man Who Sold The World’.

Probably the closest experience to a BOWIE gig you can get! Holy Holy are David Bowie’s drummer and Spider Man from Mars – Woody Woodmansey and producer Tony Visconti, who worked on many of Bowie’s albums and played Bass on the Man Who Sold The World.

Accompanied by an all-star band that includes glorious Bowie-Esque vocals from Heaven 17’s Glenn Gregory, a Bowie fan and friend who also performed alongside Bowie on the original Band Aid single in 1984.

The group will be performing a 50th Anniversary celebration of ‘The Man Who Sold The World’, upon which both Woody and Tony contributed at that time, making these exceptionally accomplished musicians and writers a long way from a Tribute band.

They’re the real deal, original Bowie band members, bringing the magic back to life with one of the greatest synth-pop frontmen of the ’80s joining the parade!

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  • Event Info
  • 18th January 2020
  • Extra Show Info
  • Holy Holy - 18th January
    Doors open at – 7.00pm
    Support - 8.00pm
    Holy Holy - 8.50pm

    (Timings subject to change)